About Pickatale

Our founder Sigbjørn Dugal wanted his children to read more but was surprised how difficult and expensive it was to find compelling digital books. This inspired him to create Pickatale. There are many apps for children but many are addictive without offering any kind of real learning. He wanted to do something about that and created an app to encourage a love of reading for children. – “My family is based in China and it was important for me that my children had access to children’s books in Norwegian. I found that to be both difficult and expensive”, explains Sigbjørn.

Sigbjørn Dugal - Founder of Pickatale
Sigbjørn Dugal – Founder of Pickatale

Availability and Safety With our app, we try to make books easily available and in a positive and safe way. It should be easy to access quality literature for children and Sigbjørn was inspired by the way we stream music and movies today. Pickatale is a complete library of interactive books. All books are digitized in such a way that all words, pictures and illustrations are clickable. Our books are narrated by real people and well-known actors. This means our books are immersive and engaging in new and exciting ways.

Pickatale App

Read, listen and learn with Pickatale. Our library is available online and offline, so your favorite books are just a click away. Pickatale aims to create a revolution in the way we publish and consume books in the same way that Netflix changed the market for movie consumption. We want to develop a new way to distribute literature to children which makes reading available to everyone.

Vision To be the leading digital book platform for children, by revolutionizing the way we publish and consume children’s books. Mission Increase the literacy of every reader and second language proficiency of every student, by making books fun, personalized and engaging through interactive and entertaining formats.