Family time

November 21, 2018

Children learn through play!
Enter our wonderful library and find interactive books which stimulate a love of reading and learning. Our technology combines education and entertainment to enhance the joy of reading. Experience today how learning can be fun!

The joy of reading
Can screen time be useful? Yes! Children today are digital natives but screen time can both delight and irritate us as parents. With Pickatale you give your child access to useful screen time- your child will be entertained while learning to read. Our app gives the whole family access to a huge digital library. Choose books based on interests, age and reading level, read yourself or be read to. The app lets a child click on single words to learn pronunciation and this creates a reading experience which is immersive and exciting.

Beloved classics and exciting non-fiction books
The Pickatale library features Norwegian classics like Elias and Gråtass and international classics from Disney like Beauty and the Beast and Cars. Plus you’ll find superb non-fiction titles on a wealth of topics like animals, famous people and Outer Space!