Have fun while learning to read

November 22, 2018

Learning to read should be fun and educational. Our books are developed to match a child’s age and reading level.

Pickatale gives you access to thousands of titles- and you can read or listen to as many books as you like. It’s easy to choose suitable books which match your child’s ge and reading level. For child who can’t yet read start with the “Read to Me” function. As your child grows in confidence  they will start reading themselves. Any difficult words can be clicked on to hear the correct pronunciation. In this way your child will explore reading naturally and will acquire vocabulary. All of our books are interactive- and all words are clickable- this brings the text alive and makes reading fun.

Tips to promote reading:
– Start reading to your child at a young age. Children love to be read to.
– It’s never too early to start reading. Start with picture books and story books with illustrations, talk about the pictures
– Reading develops vocabulary because many words in books aren’t used in everydy life
– Reading develops a child’s imagination and spoken language
– Children who can read before they start school find schoolwork easier
– Reading strengthens the child-parent relationship

Finding a good book is one of life’s pleasures. Exciting stories, cozy tales, crazy adventures- there’s something for everyone. Remember: All parents can help to promote a love of reading even if they aren’t active readers themselves. Our books are available in Norwegian and English.