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Make super-slime at home with this easy recipe from our Science Experiments for Kids book!

With England once again in lockdown due to Covid-19, you may be in need of some fun kids' activities to keep the little-ones entertained indoors. Our brilliant Science Experiments for Kids book on the Pickatale app has 10 easy-to-follow and awesomely fun science experiments you can do at home using the simplest of cupboard supplies!

From making speedboats out of matches to creating an erupting volcano, these hilarious and hair-raising science experiments will have you and your kids fascinated for hours on end! Read on for a sneak peek slime recipe from the book and learn how to make gooey, stretchy, squeezy, bouncy slime in your very own kitchen!

Make super-slime recipe for kids

Not only is slime really fun to play with, it's also a unique substance that has the qualities of both a solid and a liquid! Make your own gooey slime at home using the ingredients and recipe below!

Kid with super-slime

What you will need:

  • A bowl
  • A mug
  • Water
  • Food colouring
  • Cornflour
  • A spoon

How to make the slime:

Step 1: Fill a mug with cornflour and tip it into a mixing bowl. Slowly add small amounts of water, stirring all the time. Don't add too much - you probably won't need more than half a cup.

Step 2: Keep adding water slowly until the mixture turns into a sticky paste. It should be the consistency of honey.

Step 3: Add a few drops of the food colouring and stir it through until it is all mixed in. Now for the fun part!

Step 4: Play with the mixture and see how it behaves. Lay your hand on it and it should sink in. Now what happens if you squeeze, pull it or hit it? If you apply light pressure it will behave like a liquid, but if you throw it down on the floor it will stick together like a solid!

Keep the kids entertained at home with our Science Experiments for Kids book!

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