Spooktacular Reads for Halloween

Halloween is a time of enchantment, excitement, and spooky tales that captivate the imaginations of children and adults alike. But Halloween is not just about costumes and candies; it's also a unique opportunity to harness the magic of storytelling and promote reading for children.

The Pickatale app has a vast selection of exciting Hallowen books for children at different reading levels. Here are some of the books we recommend.

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Our Favourite Spooky Books

The Haunted Hotel: Puzzle Adventure Stories

Join Ned, Ruby, and Mungo the dog as they venture into a strange hotel! They're off on a code-cracking, maze-solving, clue-finding puzzle quest... Each puzzle is tied to the plot, so children can get really involved in the fun and exciting adventure story that runs throughout the book. Develops problem-solving skills and guarantees lots of puzzling fun for kids aged 7 and up.

Witches: Creepy Crafts

Get ready to do some creepy crafting with a little witch-craft! Learn how to make a pinecone witch, create a hat, bake a tasty treat, and play a game.

Phantom Prankster

Tom Fool, the court jester at Muncaster Castle, used to fill the old stone walls with scream of laughter . . . and fear. While some of his pranks were harmless, others sent visitors to their demise. And some say Tom never left the castle—even after his death. Is he still up to his old tricks? Find out in this graphic thriller.

The History of Halloween

Is Halloween spooky, spiritual or just plain silly? You might be surprised to discover how strange the true origins of Halloween really are.

Skeletons Go Trick or Treating

Terry and Jimmy the skeletons live in a graveyard. Although they are best friends, they long to make other friends, too. They aren’t supposed to leave the graveyard, and they know that people living nearby would be scared of them. One Halloween, however, they come up with a plan to blend in with the local children…

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