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Our purpose? To advance the next generation of learners.


Founded in Norway, Pickatale was carved out of Norwegian educational excellence. Rapidly expanding into homes and schools across the country, Pickatale’s popularity has now grown across the world.

Our founder, Sigbjørn Dugal, wanted to give his own children the opportunity to read more books but was surprised at how inaccessible children’s books are online. It inspired him to start Pickatale and change the world of reading.

Pickatale exists to unlock the reading potential of the next generation; to solve the problem of falling literacy levels across the world; to help children discover that reading can be an enormous source of pleasure; and to give teachers and parents new, fresh tools to help them support the children whose learning they’re responsible for.

Our world class reading platform is loved by children and trusted by adults.

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Our Mission

At Pickatale, we are committed to helping schools and families unlock the joy of reading to allow children to excel academically, socially and emotionally.

Reading changes lives. Both for the readers themselves, and for those around them.

Education is the key to creating a better world. At Pickatale, we have made it our mission to improve education so that the next generation are better equipped to improve society.

Why We Care About Empowering Kids to Read for Pleasure

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Success at School

“Reading for pleasure is more important for children’s cognitive development than their parents’ level of education - children who read frequently make more progress in maths, as well as vocabulary and spelling than those who rarely read.”

UCL, Centre of Longitudinal Studies, 2013

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Success in Life

“Reading for pleasure is a more important indicator of future success than any socio-economic factors.”

OECD, 2002

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Improved Happiness & Wellbeing

“The social, emotional and cognitive benefits of reading for pleasure are unquestionable …”

Teresa Cremin Professor of Education (Literacy), Open University

Nurturing a love of reading will allow children to be at a significant advantage when it comes to succeeding in the adult world.

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Pickatale has been developed for children and all content is quality assured for children. Once you're subscribed to one of our pricing plans, no additional costs will be incurred and no indiscriminate products will be added.

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