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Biff, Chip and Kipper: Going to the Doctor
Celebration street: Family Fun Day
Click and Jane - Paddle a Canoe
Betty goes bananas
Top Ten Weirdest Foods
Salty Dogs
All about insects
All Around Town: Doctor's Surgery
Phantom Soldier
Top 10 Fastest Animals on Earth

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How Pickatale can help teachers in the classroom

Planning your lessons

Our library is packed with books that can support teaching and be a great supplement to the curriculum. From history and culture to feelings and wellbeing, here are just some of the categories featured in our library:

• Arts & Music
• Biography
• Classics
• Environment & Society
• Feelings & Wellbeing
• Geography & World Cultures
• History

Engaging your students

We support students on their reading journeys by making reading for pleasure both engaging and fun!

We give you and them the flexibility to choose which books to read, and the support to track progress and identify areas for growth.

Assessing Your Students' Reading

Assessing your students' progress has never been easier! Our Teacher Dashboard provides you with live reporting and analytics so you can monitor students reading progress in real time and easily identify who needs more support.

Plus, you'll receive weekly progress reports straight to your inbox, detailing who's reading what and at what level!

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Access to 2000+ books, including Oxford University Press, Cricket, Bearport and more!
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Safe use

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