Pickatale launches partnership with Indonesian publisher Kompas Gramedia

Pickatale is thrilled to announce its partnership with the esteemed publisher Kompas Gramedia Group as we launch our world-class reading platform to families in Indonesia.

The launch coincides with celebrating the 50th anniversary of children's favourite brand BoBo. To mark the occasion, Pickatale is delighted to have special BoBo books on the local platform, with Indonesian read-a-long text and audio.

Pickatale's mission is to make reading fun and accessible for children around the world, and this partnership with Kompas Gramedia is a major step towards achieving that goal in Indonesia. This is a great opportunity for young readers in Indonesia to access engaging stories and educational content in the English language to inspire and encourage a lifelong love of reading and learning.

"With this collaboration, Children Media Grid Network (Bobo.id, GridKids.id and Adjar.id) hopes to encourage Indonesian children to love reading through a medium that is more up-to-date and close to their daily lives. Technology and gadgets are not obstacles for children to love reading, but they can be used to make children love reading even more. Especially with the audiobook feature in Pickatale, children can be more comfortable exploring the world of reading."

- David Togatorop, Editor in Chief of Bobo Magazine, part of Kompas Gramedia Group

BoBo books Indonesia

Pickatale was founded by Sigbjørn Dugal, a devoted father who was passionate about giving his own children the opportunity to read more books. When he found that children's books were inaccessible online, Sigbjørn was inspired to create a platform that would unlock the reading potential of the next generation and help solve the problem of falling literacy levels worldwide.

"I am thrilled to be launching in Indonesia with Kompas Gramedia Group, and to be working alongside the beloved children’s brand Bobo as they celebrate their 50th anniversary this year. Together, we will inspire and educate generations of young minds with our innovative approach to learning and discovery."

- Sigbjørn Dugal, Founder and CEO Pickatale

Pickatale is a reading platform created to unlock the joy of reading for children- especially 3-11 year olds. Our mission is to inspire kids around the world to unlock the joy of reading with over 2,000 expertly-curated books spanning eight reading stages, Pickatale is a world-class reading platform that children love and parents trust. We're dedicated to improving education and creating a better world, and we're excited to bring our innovative platform to families in Indonesia.

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For publishers and children’s media brands keen to showcase their content on the Pickatale reading platform please contact Pickatale’s Chief Content Officer, Emily Guille-Marrett: emily.guille-marrett@pickatale.com.

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