Pickatale Reading Platform named Top 20 Global Ed-Tech Company - TIME Magazine

We are thrilled to announce our inclusion in the Top 20 of Top EdTech Companies of 2024 by TIME Magazine and Statista this week. This incredible acknowledgment reaffirms our commitment to revolutionizing reading and learning, and empowering young learners worldwide.

The latest global ranking by Time Magazine and Statista, assessing the top 250 EdTech companies worldwide, considers various criteria such as financial strength and industry impact. We are immensely proud to announce that Pickatale has secured the prestigious position of 20th place on this list of the world’s best EdTech providers.

"This was a very pleasant surprise. We are incredibly humbled and proud of this recognition. We have shown that we have unique products and that we are hitting the market well. This acknowledgment is a huge testament to the hard work and passion of our team, as we strive to develop innovative products that can make a difference for children worldwide."

- Sigbjørn Dugal, CEO and founder of Pickatale.

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Founded in 2013 in Norway, Pickatale provides an advanced reading platform tailored for children and students, incorporating content from numerous and prominent global publishers. With a strong emphasis on the education sector, Pickatale is now used weekly by teachers and students across 34 countries to foster a passion for reading and learning.

Recently, Pickatale has transitioned from direct school sales to collaborating with international publishers, focusing on enabling publishing partners to make their first strong steps into the digital landscape.

"Our new strategy has led to the signing of several new contracts with international publishers. We have also seen a sevenfold increase in the number of paying users this school year, and the number of active users has increased significantly and exceptionally."

- Daniel Holth Larsen, Chairman of Pickatale.

Innovative Classroom Solutions: Pickatale's AI-Powered Book Creator

Pickatale is intensely working on developing new products to revolutionize the classroom experience with AI technology playing a crucial role.

"When we started Pickatale, the hypothesis was that we could produce digital content both better and faster than traditional market players. We are now launching our Book Creator, an AI-driven service that allows teachers to create their own books in under five minutes. This way, they can illuminate various parts of the curriculum in more detail and tailor the content to individual students."

- Sigbjørn Dugal, CEO, and founder of Pickatale.

Thank you to our team, partners, customers, teachers, students and investors for embracing Pickatale as a trusted learning companion. Our journey to this milestone has been guided by a shared vision of transforming education through technology, and we are excited for the future as we continue to innovate and expand our reach.

Read more about the survey from Time Magazine here: World's Top EdTech Companies of 2024 | TIME

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