5 Reasons Why Comic Books and Graphic Novels Are Perfect for Reluctant Readers

As educators, we all know that encouraging students to read is one of the most important tasks we face in the classroom. But what happens when some students just aren't interested in reading? That's where comic books and graphic novels come in. These types of books can be a great way to engage even the most reluctant readers.

Here are just a few reasons why comic books and graphic novels are so effective for engaging reluctant readers:

  1. They are visually stimulating: Comic books and graphic novels are visually engaging, which can make reading less intimidating for students who might be struggling with traditional text. By breaking up text with illustrations, students are able to process information more easily and keep their attention focused on the story.
  2. They are often less daunting: For many students, the thought of reading a book with dense paragraphs of text can be overwhelming. Comic books and graphic novels, on the other hand, often have fewer words per page and more white space, making them feel less daunting to read.
  3. They help build vocabulary: Just because comic books and graphic novels are easier to read doesn't mean they don't help students build their vocabulary. In fact, the visual nature of these books can help students understand new words in context, making it easier for them to remember and use those words in the future.
  4. They can help with comprehension: Because comic books and graphic novels often use a combination of text and images, students are forced to pay closer attention to details in order to understand the story. This can help them develop better comprehension skills that they can apply to other reading materials.
  5. They are fun: At the end of the day, the most important thing about reading is that it should be enjoyable. Comic books and graphic novels are often more entertaining than traditional text, which can make them a more appealing option for students who might otherwise avoid reading.

In conclusion, if you're looking for ways to engage your reluctant readers, consider incorporating comic books and graphic novels into your classroom. With Pickatale, you'll have access to a wide variety of high-quality digital comics and graphic novels that are perfect for engaging even the most reluctant readers. Plus, our platform is designed to make it easy for teachers to assign reading materials and track student progress, so you can ensure that all of your students are getting the support they need.

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Our Favourite Comic Books

Super Dweeb and the Time Trumpet

Super-doodler Andy may have an awesome atomic pencil that brings his drawings to life, but he's still pretty new to the whole hero thing. And now he's caught up in a crazy, cross-time odyssey that will take him to the time of the dinosaurs and back. The fourth book in the Super Dweeb series, this unpredictable, anarchic adventure story features comic-strip-style storytelling in full-colour and is perfect for readers aged 7-9.

Rescued! Animal Escapes: Panda-Monium

The trembling ground frightened pandas in China’s Wolong National Nature Preserve. The pandas scrambled up trees and into hiding places as the earthquake toppled structures and ripped apart trees, crumbling the preserve all around them. As soon as the earthquake subsided, teams of rescuers sprang into action to free the hurt and scared pandas from the surrounding rubble. Follow along in this graphic adventure of animal escape. Then, learn about more animals rescued from earthquakes.

Phantom Soldier

Many say a Roman soldier walks the hallways of this hospital. But what does the phantom soldier want? What happens when the past and present collide? The patients and staff at the Royal Derby Hospital might have found out after they built the hospital on top of an old Roman road. Many say a Roman soldier walks the hallways of this hospital. But what does the phantom soldier want? Read this graphic story to find out.

Alone on Everest

Even an experienced climber like Brian Dickinson faces great odds when they make their way to the top of Everest. And when facing the sun, Brian had an even bigger problem. Blinded by the light, Brian had to make his way down a mountain alone, while fighting to keep breathing. Explore the exciting true story of a mountain survivor pushed to the limits in this graphic adventure. Then, learn mountain survival tips and read the stories of other mountain survivors.

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