Five fun reading activities to keep kids entertained during lockdown

Mom and children reading in a hut

With the new national Covid-19 restrictions in full swing, England is once again in lockdown. If you’re on the hunt for fun activities to keep your kids entertained indoors, we have you covered!

Reading is a great way for children and grown-ups to connect with books and each other. A child’s language development can be accelerated through storytelling, while their emotional growth will benefit from understanding more about the world around them through the books they read. Read on for five fun reading activities that are sure to keep your kids laughing and learning over the next four weeks!

Dress up as your favourite book character

What better way to fire-up a child’s imagination than by playing fancy dress! If your little-one has a favourite book, why not rummage through your drawers, wardrobes and cupboards at home to make a fun DIY book character costume. From an old tie to a floppy summer hat, a pair of holey socks to a chunky winter scarf, this is a great activity to encourage kids to talk more about the books they love.

Put on a play

Did you know we have a whole series of Shakespeare books for children on the Pickatale app? Discover Twelfth Night, Romeo and Juliet, A Midsummer Night’s Dream and many other Shakespeare classics that have been retold for younger readers. Kids can read or listen to each story and act out the books to help their understanding of the plot. Acting out books is a great way to build reading confidence and can be easily done with any book that your child likes to read.

Write a story together

With simple how-to steps, writing a story together with your child can be a really fun and creative exercise! Talk about the different parts of the story – what happens at the beginning, in the middle and at the end? Ask your child to think of a theme, a character and a setting: a ghost story, a boy and a haunted house. How does your child want to start their story? Think about introducing another character and create a moment where something can be learned or experienced. And how does your child want the story to finish?

Make a wordsearch

Get your young reader to show you their favourite book on Pickatale, and then ask them to choose up to 10 words that they love. Write the words into a DIY wordsearch grid, surround each word by extra letters and voila! Watch as your child’s understanding of language flourishes as they search for words they’re familiar with from a story they’ve enjoyed reading.

Draw a story

Thinking of the words to tell a story might feel overwhelming to a child but storytelling through drawing is a brilliant way for kids to connect with books and reading. Ask your child to think of a character and a setting and watch as they put pen to paper. When you’ve both finished, show each other your pictures and talk through your awesome ideas!

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