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Worried about screen time? Pickatale offers kids a safe and positive screen time experience

With so much questionable screen time entertainment and content available to little ones, parents can understandably feel on edge when their children begin engaging with electronic devices. But with Pickatale’s digital library and great selection of interactive books, there’s no need to worry about what your kids are being exposed to.

Screen time is a headache for most parents in our digital age. Especially when it comes to worrying about how much time our kids immerse themselves in a tablet or phone and whether the content is actually beneficial to their development. This, alongside online trolling and bullying is enough to give any parent nightmares.

Just as there are healthy and unhealthy eating habits, there are good and bad screen time experiences too. YouTube and similar content services may at times feel like a jungle, where safe entertainment exists alongside inappropriate videos. Pickatale, however, is a platform that allows you to keep track of your children’s media habits; while also giving them the independence to scroll through a rich selection of entertainment options on their own.

Reading pleasure for the whole family

As the Norwegian Media Authority Safe Use pointed out to the Babysitter website in 2016: The most important thing is not how many minutes children spend in front of the screen, but what they spend them on - If, as parents, we’re able to join in with our children’s screen time: even better!

The Pickatale app provides an excellent opportunity for moms and dads to read with their children. The subscription gives full access to all books and functionalities and there is no additional charge once signed up. The large Pickatale digital library makes it easy to choose books based on interests, age and literacy and also gives readers the option to read the book with a narrator or to read alone.

Pickatale gives kids the ability to tap single words and hear their correct pronunciation. This gives a vivid and exciting story an extra dimension of learning for the children who are curious about the magical world of reading.

A safe online universe

Different ages require different degrees of digital follow-up from parents and guardians.

Where the youngest children need practical help to understand, use and navigate their way around the app, older children will be able to use Pickatale independently - all content is tailored to children, without access to inappropriate material.

The app is a closed universe - no one can chat or send messages in it and it's Kidsafe verified.

There is also no need to be online as ll books can be downloaded, listened to and read in offline mode.*

*Books must be downloaded while online.

A tool for great conversations

If screen time was once considered a necessary evil in our modern life, it is now becoming clear that there are just as many benefits associated with this way of learning and entertaining, should the content be good enough.

There is little doubt that reading books is essential to a child's development and learning. And though Pickatale offers screen time reading, you’ll find it brings families together rather than pushing them apart.

Safe use

Pickatale has been developed for children and all content is quality assured for children. Once you're subscribed to one of our pricing plans, no additional costs will be incurred and no indiscriminate products will be added.

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