Premium Package

Upgrade to Pickatale Premium

Our premium library of 1000+ books include popular titles from Disney, Star Wars and Marvel, designed to support independent reading.

Why premium for schools?

  • Access to ALL our premium content with over 1000 books
  • Easy onboarding of pupils across your class and school
  • Unlimited access to our Pickatale Originals
  • Valuable insights with Teacher Dashboard
  • Book Quizzes and Narration
  • Pricing based per pupil

Also included is our teacher dashboard!

  1. Accurate live reporting and analytics
  2. Monitor students reading progress
  3. Easily identify who needs more support

Safe use

Pickatale has been developed for children and all content is quality assured for children. Once you're subscribed to one of our pricing plans, no additional costs will be incurred and no indiscriminate products will be added.

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