How it works

How Pickatale for School works

Get started

  1. Sign up for free as a teacher
  2. Add your students
  3. Download the Pickatale app on your student devices, and start reading!
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Student onboarding

Students can access the Pickatale library via our app. They will have access to the app both at home and at school.

The Pickatale app works with:

We provide one-to-one support with downloading the app onto existing school devices. Get in touch here if you need a hand.

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Once the app has been downloaded, students can...

  • Read or listen to books
  • Choose what they'd like to read from our library*
  • Take book quizzes
  • View their achievements and rewards

The teacher dashboard

Once your students start reading in the Pickatale app, you can track their reading performance with the teacher dashboard.
Your dashboard is automatically updated with quiz results, when students were last logged in, how much they’ve read and more!

Request support

Our team are always on hand to answer any questions. We can also help you to get set up and with any technical difficulties you may be having.

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Explore the library and learn more about how Pickatale can support your students' reading journey and discover just how easy it is to use.

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Safe use

Pickatale has been developed for children and all content is quality assured for children. Once you're subscribed to one of our pricing plans, no additional costs will be incurred and no indiscriminate products will be added.

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