Spooktacular books for Halloween

It’s that time again, the spooky month of Halloween and ghosts!

The Pickatale app has a vast selection of scary and exciting books for children at different reading levels. Here are some of the books we recommend.

Spooky books in the library

A home built for Ghosts

A home built for ghosts takes you on a haunted history of the Winchester Mystery House.

Can't rest in Peace

Libraries are a great place to read. play and gather in teams. Do you also want to see libraries as a gathering place for ghosts and spirits?

Phantom Prankster

Tom fool, the court jester at Muncaster Castle used to fill the old stone walls with screams of laughter and fears. Find out what happens next in Phantom Prankster.

Alien Graveyard

What really happened during the mysterious crashing landing in Aurora, Texas?

Ghost Prisoners

Do the ghost and spirits of many former prisoners haunt the cells and hallways?

Devil Doll

The Warren’s Occult Museum is full of many mysterious and downright terrifying artifacts.

Lincoln`s Ghost

The White House is filled with the history of a nation. But you might be surprised by how much of this history comes from residents who never left.

The Voodoo Queen of New Orleans

Among the tombs at Saint Louis Cemetry Number one, lies the final resting place for the Voodoo Queen of New Orleans.

Curse of the Egyptian Princess

Centuries after the Egyptian princess was buried in an elaborate tomb, explorers discovered the coffin lid of Amen-Ra

The Sheriff`s Ghost

Some say the stories of the ghost sheriff are just that- stories. But would you want to try and make trouble in this creepy ghost town?

Spooky reading!

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